Cupcake Lovin'

This blog is well dedicated to mans' best achievement; cupcakes! Most of the pictures don't belong to me, but some of them are mine and I made some of them myself >.< Feel free to message me about anything you like, I'll always be here to listen :D Enjoy!
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could you tell me where you got the bows for the minnie mouse cupcakes?
all-the-cupcakes all-the-cupcakes Said:

I didn’t actually make those cakes (omg if I didn’t source the picture your welcome to shoot me) but bows are pretty easy to make this shows you how to make one a lot better than I could ever explain it and if you were looking for smaller bows, just use smaller sheets of icing. You can add white dots to it too :D I hope this answered your question :)